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Student Advisory Council

K-State First's Student Advisory Council is made up of student leaders from across campus who are dedicated to helping first-year students make the most of their first year here at K-State. They promote and support K-State First and it's programs by actively contributing to K-State First's research and different program endeavors. To find out more about the student advisory council take a look at the Student Advisory Council constitution.  

Student Advisory Council Constitution

If you are looking for ways to become more involved with K-State First and if you are interested in a position on the Student Advisory Council, please fill out an application below! 

Student Advisory Council Application 2014-2015

2014 Student Advisory Council Officers: 

President - Miranda Cook, Marketing

Vice President - Aspen Davis, Life Sciences 

Secretary - Morgan Gauby, Management 

Education & Research Chair - Emma Andres, English

Communications Chair - Kaylee Smith, Mass Communications

Recruitment Chair - Marisol Gonzalez, History/Women's Studies

Event Planning Chair - Sydney Runyan, English

2014 General Council Members: 

Danny Foster, Education & English

Michaela Synowiecki, Family Studies                         .

Emily Beneda, Food Science

Kelsi Briggs, Theatre

Maggie Stanton, Communication Studies

Amanda Stultz, Psychology

Sarah Watkins, Elementary Education

Bailey Wright, Biology

Austin Ebert, Milling Science Management

Meredith Clark, Secondary Education

Cassidy Shields, Elementary Education