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Division of Financial Services

Sponsored Programs Accounting
Kansas State University
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Ave.
Suite 600
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-3640 fax

Contact Us

Sponsored Programs Accounting
(785) 532-6207                           

Please feel free to use this email address if you are not sure who to contact with your questions.  We will forward your e-mail to necessary personnel. 

If you need to send an invoice to our office, please use this email address.


Shannon Fisher
(785) 532-1855

Responsible for the overall operations of the Sponsored Programs Accounting section of the Division of Financial Services.

Assistant Director  

Roger McBride
(785) 532-1848

Manages daily operations of the office.

Fiscal Analyst  

Joni Wenderott
(785) 532-4344

Responsible for subcontracts, the indirect cost proposal, the Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement, and the Effort Reporting/Cost Sharing systems.

Grants Accountants  

Pam Barrett
(785) 532-1867                                                

Responsible for setting up new awards and continuations.  She is responsible for awards received by Cooperative Extension, Human Ecology, the College of Business, Salina, Dean of Engg, Computer & Information Sciences, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engg, Civil Engg, Chemical Engg, Electrical Engg, EES, Biological & Agricultural Engg, Inst for Environmental Research, and Mechanical & Nuclear Engg.

Olga Volok
(785) 532-1857                              

Responsible for setting up new awards and continuations.  She is responsible for awards received by the College of Education, Biology, K-State Olathe, K-State Police, Student Financial Assistance, Office of Student Life, Educational & Personal Development, Housing and Dining & Facilities. She is responsible for all consulting agreement payment documents. She is also responsible for approval of subaward payment documents.

Maggie Quigley           
(785) 532-1856 

Responsible for setting up new awards and continuations.  Responsible for awards received by AES, Horticulture, Forestry & Recreation Resources, Grain Science & Industry, Agronomy, Animal Sciences & Industry, Communications & Agricultural Education, Entomology, International Agricultural Programs and Office of Academic Programs.

Megan Webb                  
(785) 532-1854  
Responsible for setting up new awards and continuations. Responsible for awards received by Plant Pathology, Ag Econ, KCARE, KCRI, NGML, BRI, NABC, KS Industrial Ext Services, Advanced Manufacturing Institute and all departments in Arts & Sciences except for Biology and Chemistry.

Nastassja Heitmann
(785) 532-6097

Responsible for setting up new awards and continuations.  Responsible for awards received by Veterinary Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Clinical Sciences, Veterinary Health Center, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, School of Leadership Studies, Educational & Personal Development, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Chemistry, James R. Macdonald Laboratory, Physics and Office of the President. 

Accountant I

Claudia Hobson
(785) 532-6207

Responsible for keying new accounts in FIS, notifying departments of new account numbers, and backup for central depositing.

Meredith Fey
(785) 532-6208                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Responsible for central depositing, recording cash receipts, sending expenditure report notice letters, updating budgets for multi-sponsor and testing accounts and backup for keying new accounts in FIS.

Division of Financial Services staff phone numbers and e-mail addresses.