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Division of Financial Services

Kansas State University
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Ave.
Suite 500
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-5577 fax

2008 Archives

December 2008 (On-Campus Services (Photographic Svc., Printing Svc., Office Supplies, Telecommunications))
November 2008 (Copier Needs)
October 2008 (Life Cycle Cost of Items, Sustainability, Industrial/Janitorial contract)
September 2008 (BPC Program)
August 2008 (Interdepartmental Exchange Site, On-Call Auctioning Services contract)
July 2008 (Real Estate Lease Agreement & Cover Sheet, Abbreviations continued)
June 2008(Tornado Emergency Purchases, Contract Cover Sheet, Purchasing Abbreviations)
May 2008 (Project Spending Levels)
April 2008 (Kansas Sales Tax Exemption, Project Exemption Certificate)
March 2008 (Meet the Staff)