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Tools and Systems

A variety of business tools are supported by the Division of Financial Services to assist in processing and reporting vendor payments. The following information provides descriptions of the tools and systems that new business personnel will need to access in order to process and track vendor payment and departmental deposits.


E-Forms: E-Forms is a form creation tool that allows user access to all of the Division's standard business forms including payment requests for vendor and business travel reimbursements.

Access to E-Forms is achieved by visiting https://eforms.ksu.edu:8080/eforms/eformsMenu.aspx

First time users: Please Sign-in with your EID and password. You will receive a system message that indicates you need to contact our Systems Office to complete your access. You may contact our Systems Office at 532-1861 for additional assistance and training.


FIS: FIS is the University's central Oracle financial accounting system. Activity is reflected in FIS by your departmental project, funding source, departmental organization and object code. Official expenditure and departmental deposit transactional data is reflected in FIS on a daily basis as well as in the form of month-end financial statements through the Discoverer Reports.

Access to FIS is achieved by visiting https://ebiz.as.ksu.edu:8000/

First time users: Please complete the system access form located at http://www.k-state.edu/hr/forms/itaccessforms.html, and contact our Systems Office at 532-1861 for additional form completion assistance and training.


CASHNet: CASHNet is the University's central cashiering system and it supports the accounting for departmental deposits of sales and service activity on campus. The Student Services Section of the Division of Financial Services is the central office that is responsible for CASHNet operations and daily departmental deposit procedures.

First time users: Please contact our Student Services Department for CASHNet training. Access to the CASHNet system is provided at the department level.


University Procurement Cards (BPC): BPCs are widely used by campus faculty and staff to expedite payment for a variety of travel costs, equipment and supplies. BPC payment is faster than traditional check processing and our Division would be happy to provide tips on how to cut down accounts payable processing time and effort. Additional information concerning University BPCs can be found at http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/bpcforms.html


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