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Schedule of Charges

A Schedule of Charges must be submitted to the KSU Division of Financial Services, Financial Reporting section, and approved for all products and services offered by University departments.

All activities, no matter how small, must have a price that can be substantiated, have a breakeven pricing schedule, abide by policies governing unfair competition, and be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. In addition, all federal and non-federal sponsored agreements must receive the lowest rate available, as specified in 2 CFR Part 200.468.

Any sale of products or services by a Regents institution, its auxiliary enterprises, or an affiliated corporation of a Regents institution (all hereinafter collectively referred to as "institution (s)") is deemed appropriate only if such sale is an integral part of, or reasonably related to, an activity which is essential to the fulfillment of the institution's instructional, research or public service missions.



Policies and Procedures Manual Chapters


Schedule of Charges Presentation


Examples of Completed Forms:

Schedule of Charges

Fee/Service Justification