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How to Give Parental Access to eBill - Tutorial


eBill is where you can check your billing statement online to find out how much you owe. Logging on to iSIS is one way to go to view your statement of account. Please follow the steps below to go through iSIS.


Step 1: Log On

You need to log into iSIS using you eID and Password. Go to, enter your eID and Password and click Sign in to log into iSIS.

Step 2:

You will see the main menu for iSIS. Click "Account Inquiry" to go to the next screen.


Step 3: Click on the "Pay Now/eBill/Sign Up" button

You will see the "Finances". Click the mouse on the "Pay Now/eBill/Sign Up" Button.

Step 4: Click on the "Pay Now/eBill/Pay Plan/Direct Deposit"button

Click the mouse on the "Pay Now/eBill/Pay Plan/Direct Deposit" Button.

Step 5: The eBill web site

Once you have been redirected to the eBill web site, you will need to click on "Add New" to access the page that will allow you to add your parent information.

Step 6: Adding someone to your eBill site.

Once you are at the page below, please enter a login name, email address, and password for the person that you want to give access. You will need to confirm the password by typing it in the box below where you originally typed in the password. You will then need to decide whether you want this person to be able to login, and get bill notifications by email selecting yes or no for each question. After you have all this information entered, click OK to continue.

After clicking OK, you will be taken back to your account information. You should now see the name of the account for the person you just added. If you need to give access to more people, repeat step number 5.