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Creating Travel Documents in Eforms


Main Page
Header Page
Vendor Page
Agency Page
Travel Detail Page
  Meals & Lodging
Final Form



  • Main Page:

                Within eForms, select Accounting under Create New Form and choose Travel Voucher.


                 Eforms Travel Screen


  • Header Page:

                User Number: For departmental use as needed (recommended, but may leave blank)

                Transaction Date: Last Day of Business Travel

                Form Title: For departmental use as needed (may leave blank)


                 Eforms Travel Header



  • Vendor Page:

                 First Search for the vendor, you may need to search by first name only or last name only if unable

                 to locate vendor. Only add a new vendor if the vendor is not in the vendor table. In the event the

                 vendor address needs updated (address displayed is not current), select the vendor from the

                 vendor table, select Edit Vendor and type in the new address in place of the old.


                 Eforms Travel Vendor




  • Agency Page:

                Department Name:


                Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

                Traveler’s Position: Position Title

                Office Location: Official Work Station Location (as reflected in HR)

                Home Location: Place of residence

                Destination Type: Select the correct type to identify the travel location. A listing of border cities,

                    high cost and special high cost areas are found in PPM 6410, which may be accessed by

                    clicking the links provided.  NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO  SELECT THE CORRECT


                          TRAVEL  VOUCHER.
                Out-of-State Travel Order No: Must be supplied when selecting Out-of-State, Out-of-State High,

                     Out-of-State Special High, and International. This document may be found in Eforms and

                     is to be completed prior to the traveler booking travel or registration.

               Eforms Travel Agency



  • Travel Detail:



                       Departure/Return Date and Time:  

                               -The date should be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. You may also use the

                                    calendar to select the date.
                                -The Departure Date and Time is the date and time the traveler left their

                                    official work location.
                                -The Return Date and Time is the date and time the traveler returned to

                                    their official work location.
                       Purpose of Travel (Event): KSU Business Purpose and event name
                       General Destination: City and State (and/or Country) business travel is occurring in
                       Comments: Any additional information that will assist in explaining details of the

                                 trip not clearly defined by the substantiation provided.

             Eforms Travel General 



                       Purpose of Travel (Event): KSU Business Purpose and event name

                       General Destination: City and State (and/or Country) business travel is occurring in

                       Event Dates: Official dates of the event, often different from departure/return


                       Not Claiming Per Diem (meals): Check this box if traveler is not eligible for or is not

                                 claiming per diem.
                       Number of Meals Included at event: Provide the quantity of each meal included or

                                 provided for the traveler during his/her business travel.


               Eforms Travel Event




                 Meals and Lodging:                        

                       Destination: Destination location for that day

                       Lodging Name: If the traveler did not incur lodging expenses leave blank. If

                                 lodging is paid for on BPC, type “BPC” and leave amount column blank.  

                                 NOTE: If the lodging amount entered is higher than the maximum allowable

                                 daily amount, a message will pop up as you continue reminding you to verify

                                 the base rate of the room is less than the maximum allowable amount.   In

                                 the event it is NOT, you must provide a Request for Actual Conference Lodging

                                 with substantiation or a cost comparison in relation to other  lodging in the

                                 same area.

                       Meal Reduction Total:

                                  This amount is automatically calculated from the information you supplied on

                                  the event page. To make corrections to this amount, return to the events page.
                      Reset Meal Amounts to Max Button: This button will reset the Meals Amount column

                                 back to its original automatic calculations.

                Eforms Travel Meals


                     State Vehicle No: Enter tag number of state vehicle, if used.

                     Current Mileage Rate: Select applicable rate from the drop down menu (only

                                  needed for privately owned transportation)
                      Date: Select Date that mileage occurred and “Add” as needed for each date

                                  mileage is being claimed (only needed for privately owned transportation)

             Eforms Travel Mileage





                     Other Amount:  Individual amount of any additional business expenses not included

                                   in prior sections paid for by the traveler.
                      Description: Brief description of item (i.e. tolls, shuttle, airfare, rental car, tax, etc.)
                      BPC Documents: List the document number of any BPC document that includes

                                   expenses related to the travel voucher.


            Eforms Travel Other



  • Funding:

                Use either your saved funding or enter your funding string (boxes Order No, Line, and M

                    are only for prior year encumbered payments).

                              Eforms Travel Funding



  •  Flags:

                 Click on any of the applicable flags to further clarify expenses being reimbursed on


        Eforms Travel Flags



  • Trustees: 

                This will show any trustee who currently has access to your voucher. You may add

                      additional trustees as needed.


        Eforms Travel Trustee




  • Final Form:

                Click “View Final Form” to view your document for accuracy. Print document, attach

                      receipts and other substantiation, obtain original signatures and forward completed

                       voucher to 220 Anderson Hall for processing.


        Eforms Travel Final