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Film at K-State

Learning Through Film

The following K-State courses employ film inside and outside of the classroom.

AMETH 560 - Topics in American Ethnic Studies 

COT 150 - The Humanities Through the Arts

DANCE 205 - Dance as an Art Form

DAS 100 - First Year Seminar in K-State Culture

ENGL 220 - Fiction into Film

ENGL 315 - Introduction to Cultural Studies

ENGL 335 - Film

ENGL 420 - Topics in Film

FREN 512 - War and Revolution in French Cinema (.pdf) Spring 2017

GRMN 510 - German Film

PLAN 699 - Planning in Pop Culture

Planning in POP Culture is an exploratory educational adventure of regional and community planning issues through the cultural media of song, literature, visual art, and film.  Note: this course number is going through K-State 8 and Course and Curriculum changes and in the future will have a new designation rather than the 699 problems course number.

SOCIO 562 - Study of Serial Murder

WOMST 345 - Women & Aging: Looking at Multicultural Female Aging Through a Gendered Lens

WOMST 550 - Women and Popular Culture

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