Learning Through Film

The following K-State courses employ film inside and outside of the classroom.

AMETH 560 - Topics in American Ethnic Studies (Summer 2014: Misrepresented - Race, Class, Gender in Media)

COT 150 - The Humanities Through the Arts

DAS 100 - First Year Seminar in K-State Culture

ENGL 220 - Fiction into Film

ENGL 335 - Film

ENGL 420 - Topics in Film

FREN 519 - Special Studies in French (Spring 2014: French New Wave Cinema)

GRMN 510 - German Film

Spring 2014 Fiction into Film student-created shorts!

If That Isn't Love (2014)

Based on a story by Carl Conway
Made by Paige Heinze, Justin Phemister, Sally Spurgeon, Jacob Starr
Running time: 5:03

Dr. Howe (2014)

Based on a story by Will Harmon
Made by Braedon Burgess, Anthony Hecht, Sean Reazin, Fetch Sellers
Running time: 10:07

Talking to Yourself (2014)

Based on the short story “Express” by Jerry Yaussi
Made by Schuyler Mayberry, Zeb Reeves, Alina Shcherbtaykh, Jared Wasinger, Tassion Wicks
Running time: 8:29

The Wedding Dress (2014)

Based on the short story by Ora McIntosh
Made by Angelique Foye, Sadie Manley, Samantha Moore, Kristin Nomura, Parker Wilhelm
Running time: 8:24


100% Death 

Based on a story by Brian Sherley
Made by Kellen Reever, Joe Smith and Joel Wagner
Running time: 4:48

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