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Film at K-State

Learning Through Film

The following K-State courses employ film inside and outside of the classroom.

AMETH 560 - Topics in American Ethnic Studies (Summer 2014: Misrepresented - Race, Class, Gender in Media)

COT 150 - The Humanities Through the Arts

DAS 100 - First Year Seminar in K-State Culture

ENGL 220 - Fiction into Film

ENGL 335 - Film

ENGL 420 - Topics in Film

FREN 519 - Special Studies in French (Spring 2015: French Comic Film) T U 9:30-10:45 am EH 123. For information contact rclark@ksu.edu

The course, a survey of the French comic film from the beginnings to the present, will be taught in English but may be taken by French majors and minors for French credit if all assignments are completed in French.  K-State 8 tags: Aesthetic Interpretation, Global Issues and Perspectives. Also satisfies Fine Arts/Humanities and International Overlay/Western Heritage requirements.

GRMN 510 - German Film

Spring 2014 Fiction into Film student-created shorts!

If That Isn't Love (2014)

Based on a story by Carl Conway
Made by Paige Heinze, Justin Phemister, Sally Spurgeon, Jacob Starr
Running time: 5:03

Dr. Howe (2014)

Based on a story by Will Harmon
Made by Braedon Burgess, Anthony Hecht, Sean Reazin, Fetch Sellers
Running time: 10:07

Talking to Yourself (2014)

Based on the short story “Express” by Jerry Yaussi
Made by Schuyler Mayberry, Zeb Reeves, Alina Shcherbtaykh, Jared Wasinger, Tassion Wicks
Running time: 8:29

The Wedding Dress (2014)

Based on the short story by Ora McIntosh
Made by Angelique Foye, Sadie Manley, Samantha Moore, Kristin Nomura, Parker Wilhelm
Running time: 8:24


100% Death 

Based on a story by Brian Sherley
Made by Kellen Reever, Joe Smith and Joel Wagner
Running time: 4:48

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