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Film at K-State

Learning Through Film

The following K-State classes employ film (production, criticism) in the course of study. 

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

PLAN     699 – Planning in Pop Culture
PLAN     802 – Planning Methods II


College of Arts and Sciences

AMETH   560 – Topics in American Ethnic Studies
ANTH     715 – Digital Ethnography
ART       395 – Photography in Art I
ART       563 – Photography in Art II
ART       568 – Alternative Processes in Photography
COT       150 – The Humanities Through the Arts
DANCE   205 – Dance as an Art Form
ENGL     220 – Fiction into Film
ENGL     335 – Film
ENGL     420 – Topics in Film
GRMN    510 – German Film
MC        251 – Digital News
MC        406 – Advanced Digital News
MC        471 – Audio and Video Production
SOCIO   562 – Study of Serial Murder
THTRE   280 – Script Analysis
THTRE   565 – Principles of Directing
THTRE   579 – Lighting and Design
THTRE   630 – Introduction to Film [Topics in Theatre]  SEE BELOW  
THTRE   662 – Playwriting (also ENGL 662)
THTRE   761 – Acting for the Camera [Advanced Acting]
WOMST 345 – Women & Aging

Summer 2018

Please enroll as soon as possible to ensure that these classes are offered. 

THTRE 630 (B) American Cinema MTWUF 12.40-2.40 pm (June) 11298  This survey course will analyze the origins of cinema in the United States, the development of the studio system, the rise of various genres and the emergence of experimental and independent cinema. 

THTRE 630 (C) International Cinema MTWUF 12.40-2.40 pm (July) 11299 This survey course will study the cinema of Russia, France, Italy, Spain and Japan. Major directors covered include Fellini, Bunuel, Truffaut, Godard and Kurosawa.



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