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Durland/Rathbone/Fiedler Hall

Durland Hall

The engineering complex is located over the old football practice field and was constructed in three phases. The external walls include solar glass designed to reflect 85% of the solar heat energy during the middle of the year, and allow absorption material behind the glass to collect solar heat energy during the winter months. This complex houses offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the departments of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, and the Dean of the College.

Durland Hall, Phase I, was completed in the summer of 1976 and named after Dean Merrill A. Durland (1949-1961). Rathbone Hall, Phase II, was completed in 1983 and named after Dean Donald E. Rathbone (1973-1997). Fiedler Hall, Phase III, was dedicated on September 9, 2000, and named after George Fiedler, Electrical Engineering classes of 1926 and 1934. A Phase IV is planned in the future to house Computer Science.