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Division of Facilities

Construction Parking Policy

Parking in the KSU community is at a premium. To make the system work for all parking clients, it is necessary to use a system of controls. Those measures specifically dealing with construction are listed below, or in the parking regulations available at Parking Services.

1. All vehicles, including company vehicles, are required to display valid KSU Parking Permits.

2. Vehicles parked on KSU property are subject to all KSU parking and traffic regulations.

3. On call contractors are required to purchase Vender permits.

4. Four (4) construction permits will be issued free of charge to the general contractor for a project. Permits will be issued to University departments or divisions when the projects are managed by them. The permits are only valid in company vehicles of the contractor or subcontractor(s). These permits are the responsibility of the company they are issued to.

5. A Construction Permit application must be filled out prior to receiving the construction permits.

6. Construction and personal vehicles may be required to park in designated areas only, specified by Parking Services.

7. Special parking arrangements must be pre-approved by KSU Parking Services.

8. It is the contractor's responsibility to inform the sub-contractors of the parking arrangements.

9. All stalls used for construction will be billed to the general contractor at $2/day per stall or negotiated.

10. Parking Services is located at 108 Edwards Hall and is open between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contract KSU Parking Services at (785)532-7275.

Construction Parking Request Form. Fill out and fax to parking services at (785)532-1981