Sandra Hoffman

The Division of Facilities is the beating heart of Kansas State University. Its support services supply vital life flow for the campus by providing critical operational services for the campus to function. Our department goal is to provide the necessary resource tools to enhance the quality of services provided. As the new Director of Facility Resources my primary focus is to promote a positive safety culture by developing a comprehensive health and safety program. The program is based on four fundamental elements: management commitment/employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazardous prevention and control, and specialized training for all employees. The mission is to reduce work related injuries and illnesses; ZERO being OUR GOALI firmly believe that “All Injuries are Preventable” and “All Hazards can be Controlled”. The health and well-being of each employee is of utmost importance. In addition, I work closely with employee relations to enhance job satisfaction desiring to improve retention and loyalty. A valuable asset to the department is Lynn Salsbury who effectively manages a wide range of activities such as ID badges, meeting arrangements, training certifications, billing and is a certified trainer. Together we desire to serve you. Call or email us at Sandra Hoffman ext. 532-1715 or Lynn Salsbury at ext. 532-1719.