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September 2015

To: Epsilon Sigma Phi Members

I hope to see all of you at our chapter events that will be held in the K-State Student Union on Tuesday, October 20.

As a reminder those events include the following:

            Business meeting at 11:45 am

            Silent auction during the reception and poster session from 4:30 to
            6:00 pm

            Recognition event from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

The new ESP Council (all new officers and committee chairs) will meet at 7:15 am on Wednesday, October 21.

Locations for all these events will be in the conference program book.

Our bylaws state that a written notice of the annual meeting shall be given to all members at least 30 days before the meeting. This message constitutes that notice of the meeting.

Our constitution states that any proposed amendments to the bylaws or constitution need to be announced in that meeting notice.  Our constitution and bylaws committee is proposing some changes that will be voted on at the business meeting. Click on “Business Meeting” to the right of this message to view those changes.

See you soon!

Stacey Warner
President Alpha Rho Chapter


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• Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) is dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in the Extension System and developing the Extension profession and professional.

Benefits of membership: 
• Opportunities in professional and personal development, leadership, and networking; 
• The interdisciplinary nature of the organization; 
• ESP is the one organization that includes all Extension professionals.