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Electrical Power Affiliates Program

Electrical Power Affiliates Program

Kansas State University
3108 Engineering Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Interim Director:

Don Gruenbacher

Undergraduate Research


"Doing research really opened my eyes to how complex power issues can be. To make a system run the way you want has a lot of variables involved. I never really realized how complex it was and the amount of mathematics that go behind keeping all the lights on. It's really kind of amazing."

Andrew Bowman, senior in electrical engineering, Wichita

His research:Bowman spent a year analyzing voltage stability with a research team under the direction of Stewart Stanton and Shelli Starrett, both associate professors of electrical and computer engineering. Bowman helped develop a program that modeled power flow and he ran simulations to understand when voltage collapses occurred and what caused them. Ultimately, his project could help prevent voltage collapses. Bowman has a summer internship with Burns and McDonnell's energy market. He also spent summer 2010 at Burns and McDonnell and had a summer 2009 internship with Westar Energy. Bowman plans to work in industry after graduating in December.

manning"The Electrical Power Affiliates Program really helped me get out from behind the desk and talk with people who are dealing with real power problems, especially with respect to wind energy. It's been great actually meeting the people who are installing wind turbines, discussing their problems with them and trying to come up with potential solutions."

Kellen Manning, senior in electrical engineering, Olathe

His research:Manning has helped with two EPAP-funded projects. Under the direction of Stewart Stanton and Shelli Starrett, both associate professors of electrical and computer engineering, Manning modeled a large power system and created graphical analysis of power voltage curves. He worked with Ruth Douglas Miller, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, on a second project involving wind energy. He collected data from anemometers at K-State's wind turbine north of campus and at the newly opened Riley County Public Works Facility. His real-world measurements supported the master's project of Viet Nguyen, who looked at wind turbulence on small-scale turbines. Manning graduates in December and plans to pursue research through graduate school.