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Electrical Power Affiliates Program


*Kansas State University College of Engineering Electric Power Affiliates Program*   

In 2008, the Kansas State College of Engineering created an industrial consortium, the Electric Power Affiliates Program. Founding members of the EPAP were Burns &   McDonnell, Omaha Public Power District and Westar Energy.  Along with these founding members, the EPAP program is now comprised of Black and Veatch, Kansas   Electric Cooperatives, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, and Sega.  

The Electric Power Affiliates Program (EPAP) is a consortium of industry leaders committed to the continued excellence of engineering education in the area of electrical power and energy systems. Some key goals of the Program include:

•  To provide direction and support of technology development and research and instructional activities in the area of Power Engineering;  

•  To increase the number of students interested in and actively involved in the area of Power Engineering;  

•  To provide undergraduate and graduate support for outstanding students interested in Power Engineering; disciplines throughout engineering and computer science           are included, especially electrical, mechanical, nuclear, chemical, and civil engineering;    

•  To provide central focus for a strong undergraduate and graduate program in Electric Power Engineering at Kansas State University;    

  •  Student experience in publishing and presenting results at national conferences;  
  •  Feedback and involvement of members in specific research projects of interest to Affiliate members;    


In 2015, the EPAP program provided funding to faculty in the amount of $81K. These funds were disbursed to faculty in two College of Engineering departments or   programs and involved seven faculty members.    

EPAP executives work with College of Engineering faculty as we continue with the consortium’s activities.  One of the key items for future EPAP activities is expanding   the involvement of engineering departments beyond the traditional field of electrical engineering. The electrical power industry provides opportunities for jobs as well as research in all areas of engineering and computer science. EPAP industrial partners would like to see student and faculty participation from all departments in the Kansas State University College of Engineering. In recent discussions with EPAP members, a list of topics has been brought up as possible topics for research activities of benefit to EPAP members. This list is provided at the end of this RFP. These are suggested topics, proposals in other areas will also be considered. Priority will also be considered for those projects that can integrate immediately with the Smart Grid Laboratory in Rathbone 2094 (as moved to new engineering building).    

This document is an internal Kansas State University Request for proposals for research and educational activities of interest forwarding the electrical power industry.       Funds may be used for graduate student and undergraduate student funding (and corresponding benefits), student travel and supplies. Funds cannot be used for faculty salaries or faculty travel. Funds will be administered through the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Faculty who have received prior EPAP funds are welcome to apply if they have submitted their mid-year report for current projects on time.    

 Timeline for Proposal Submission and Review

* Request for Proposals Distributed to Engineering Faculty          Jan.  4    

* Deadline for submission of Project Proposal form and budget    Feb.  1    

* Review of Proposals                                                       Feb.  2-19    

* Faculty to give short presentation on their research idea         Feb.  25  

* Faculty notified of funding decisions                                    Mar. 16    


Review Process

•  Proposals will be reviewed by the Technical Committee of the Kansas State EPAP Program.            

•  Faculty will be asked to give a short presentation on their research ideas at a meeting on campus in mid-­February.    

•  Projects will be prioritized and recommendations forwarded to the EPAP Executive Board for final approval and funding.    


Please fill out the attached form for your proposal as well as the budget template and email to epap@k-state.edu by February 1,2016, 11pm central time. Please direct any questions about the EPAP program to  Noel Schulz, Associate Dean of  Research and Graduate Programs, Paslay Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering   and Director, Kansas State EPAP (noels@k-state.edu, 785-­532-­5844).