ENGL 525 -- Leading Class Discussion Schedule

Below is the schedule for leading class discussion. For further information about this contribution to our class, see the syllabus.

Any changes to the schedule below (such as switching with someone) should be approved in advance; once approved, I will post an updated schedule.

Feb 7
Discussion #1: "Acton Bell is neither Currer nor Ellis Bell": Telling Tales to Find a Voice [Anne Bronte's Tenant of Wildfell Hall]
  • Laura Synder
  • Cari Heritage
  • Lyndsey Brantley
  • Alissa Fischer
Feb 16
Discussion #2: Realism or Romance?: Nature, Culture, and the Imagination in Anne of Green Gables
  • A. Michelle Schenkel
  • Maegen Sherwood
  • Claire Miller
  • Leslie Tangeman
March 2
Discussion #3: Wide Sargasso Sea as Rhys' Jane Eyre?
  • Aliona Dameron
  • Annie Lewis
  • Brandee Obiorah
  • Rebecca Feil
March 16 Discussion #4: Women Writing about War [Pat Barker's Regeneration]
  • Alex Dryden
  • Jolene Istas
  • Christy Pottroff
  • Kelsey Bates
  • Christina Marzano
April 4
Discussion #5: [Open Topic on The Handmaid's Tale]
  • Jacinda Mein
  • Teresa Berens
  • Melissa Cade
  • Valerie MacKenzie
  • Lacey Thompson
Discussion #6: The Natural, the Supernatural, and Belief [Naylor's Mama Day]
  • Danielle Lohman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Tasha Staab
  • __________
April 27
Discussion #7: Bridget on Film [film version of Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary]
  • Amanda Killingsworth
  • Jeni Mains
  • Rebecca Sisk
  • Rachel Elwood
Updated 16 February 2006