ENGL 525 -- Class Discussion Schedule

Below is the schedule for class discussions. For further information about developing questions for class discussion, see the syllabus.

Any changes to the schedule below (such as switching with someone) must be approved in advance; once approved, I will post an updated schedule.

Feb 17
"Acton Bell is neither Currer nor Ellis Bell": Telling Tales to Find a Voice
Billy Flowers
Jamie Cobb
Stephanie Hawkins
Amanda Smith
Feb 26
Realism or Romance?: Nature, Culture, and the Imagination in Anne of Green Gables
Gena Bowers
Diana Kraushar
Megan Smith
Jennifer Farr
March 11
Wide Sargasso Sea as Rhys' Jane Eyre?
Toni Tadolini
Morgan Steele
Justin Hall
Lindsey Tipling
April 1
Women Writing About War: Pat Barker's Regeneration
Josey Heller
Gretchen Sachse
Kelly Faulconer
Lacey Lill
April 13
Open Topic: Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
Jessie Thompson
Jessica Flaherty
Carla Schuster
Evgeniya Parish
April 20
Bridget Jones Goes to Hollywood: The Film Version of Fielding's Novel
Kat Buchanan
Meghan Felts
CJ Lehr
Hannah Smith
Updated 12 February 2004