ENGL 805: Practicum in Teaching

2nd Year GTAs

Policy Statement and Course Schedule -- Spring 2004


Your Responsibilities

Provide a copy of your policy statement and course plan

Arrange for your class to be observed

Have a file-review conference

Assemble a teaching/professional portfolio (in progress):

As part of a small group, demonstrate a teaching strategy or classroom activity to first-year teachers, if you have not already done so.

Provide sample essays (A-F) for grading sessions

Attend all meetings

Much of this semester's work is aimed at preparing your teaching/professional portfolio. During the spring semester, we will be scheduling individual final conferences with each one of you. During this "exit interview," we'll review your final teaching/professional portfolio together and talk about your plans for the future.

When we meet as a group, we'll be meeting in EH 21 or in EH 16; we will let you know in advance where to go. On those Mondays when no formal meeting is scheduled, your advisors will be available to confer about grading, lesson planning, and preparing your teaching portfolio.

Important Dates

Schedule for ENGL 805 (2nd Year GTAs)

Week Date Topic
1 Jan. 21
2 Jan. 26 --
3 Feb. 2
4 Feb. 9
5 Feb. 16
6 Feb. 23
Workshop: Teaching/Professional Portfolio
Please bring your work-in-progress.
7 March 1
Exit Interviews / Portfolio Conferences
8 March 8
Preparing for Midterm Portfolio
Grading Session on "Difficult" Papers
9 March 15 Read Midterm Portfolios
-- March 22 No Class -- Spring Break
10 March 29 Exit Interviews / Portfolio Conferences
11 April 5
Exit Interviews / Portfolio Conferences
12 April 12 Exit Interviews / Portfolio Conferences
13 April 19
14 April 26 ---
15 May 3 ---
16 May 10 Preparation for Final Portfolio Grading Session

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