ENGL 805: Practicum in Teaching

1st Year GTAs

Policy Statement and Course Schedule -- Spring 2004


Policy Statement

Goals of ENGL 805:

Practicum provides an introduction to the KSU Expository Writing Program, our curriculum and methods. Our work is aimed at fostering your development as teachers.

Over the course of the next two years you will be:

Goals of ENGL 805 (Spring 2004):

Your responsibilities:

Each semester/year



Schedule of Classes (1st Year GTAs)

Week Date Topic
1 Jan. 21
Preparation for Spring Semester; Components of Argument
Preparation: Read Chapter 4 (75-87) and Chapter 5 (88-106); complete #5 & #6 for exercise on p.91 and exercise on p.100.
Bring two copies of your policy statement for spring semester.
2 Jan. 26
Components of Argument , cont'd.
Preparing to Teach Paper #1: Evaluation Arguments
Preparation: Review Chapters 4 and 5 and reponses for excerises on p.91 and p.100.
Bring questions about introducting students to Expos 2 curriculum and about teaching Toulmin.
Feb. 4 at
3:30 pm
(In place of snow day on Monday, Feb. 2nd)
Assessing and Grading Paper #1 (Evaluation Essay)
4 Feb. 9
Introducing and Planning for Paper #2 (Proposal Essay)
Preparation: Review Chapter 7 and Chapter 14; review response to #2 from exercise on p.107.
Read pp.81-84 and pp.87-91 in EW 200.
Read pp.83-98 in EW200 & "Table of Contents" to Writing Arguments for the "Anthology of Arguments" (xxi-xxxiii)
Assessing Paper #2 (Proposal Essay)
Introducing and Planning for Paper #3 (Debate Essay)
Schedule of classes due.
5 Feb. 16
Assessing and Grading Paper #2 (Proposal Essay)
Teaching the Paper #3 (Debate Essay)
Presentation by 2nd Year GTAs on Grading for Two Sections of Expos
  • Read, assess with grading rubric, and grade the Prairie Lights Proposal "Rise and Shine, It's Breakfast Time" (19-21).
  • Review Researched Debate Essay in EW 200 (96-98).
  • Read selections from "Marriage and Family in the New Millennium" (WA 576-605), and develop a working thesis claim for each reading's argument.
6 Feb. 23
Assessing and Grading Paper #3 (Debate Essay)
Introducing and Planning for Paper #4 (Persuasive Research Essay)
Preparation: Lesson planning for teaching a research paper: respond to the following three questions:
  • What concerns/questions do you have as you prepare to teach a research paper again?
  • What is one thing you plan to do again?
  • What is one thing you plan to do differently?
7 March 1
Teaching Development through Revision
Preparation: Develop an in-class activity which would help students develop their Proposal Essays or their Debate Essays
8 March 8
Preparing for Midterm Portfolio
Assessment Survey
9 March 15
Read Midterm Portfolios
-- March 22
No Meeting -- Spring Break
10 March 29
Developing Debate Essays
Finding the Right Focus: Topics for Research Papers
11 April 5
Lesson Planning
Preparation: No preparation.
12 April 12
Assessing and Grading Paper #4 (Persuasive Research Essay)
Evaluating and Integrating Sources
  • Read "Reality Check for No-Child Left Behind" (PL 25-27)
  • Review "Persuasive Research" grading rubric (EW 200 110)
  • Review Workshop guides (EW 200 106-109)
13 April 19
Introducing and Planning for Paper #5 (Letter to the Portfolio Reader)
  • Review assignment and resources for "Letter to the Portfolio Reader" (EW200 122-125)
  • Review alternate assignment "The Self-Evaluation Essay" (posted with online "Teaching Resources for Expos 2")
14 April 26
Assessing and Grading of Paper #5 (Letter to the Portfolio Reader)
Preparation: No preparation.
15 May 3
No Meeting
16 May 10
Preparation for Final Portfolio Grading Session
May 17
Read Final Portfolios

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