ENGL 670 -- "Continuities" Schedule

Below is the schedule for the "Continuities" contributions from Peter Ackroyd's London: A Biography. For further information about this contribution to class discussion, see the syllabus.

Any changes to the schedule below (such as switching with someone) should be approved in advance; once approved, I will post an updated schedule.

Aug 30
Continuities I: "Blitz," "Refashioning the City" (720-750)
  • Ryan Bruce
  • Chris Remple
Sept 13
Continuities II: "London as Crowd" (383-402), "London's Radicals," "Violent London" (455-490)
  • Kadie Calovich
  • Chole Nelms
Sept 20
Continuities III: "From Prehistory to 1066," "The Early Middle Ages" (5-64)
  • Dory Ann Cochran
  • Elizabeth Symm
Continuities IV: "London Contrasts," "The Late Medieval City," "Onward and Upward," "Trading Streets and Trading Parishes," "A London Neighborhood" (65-134)
  • Ashley Conrad
Sept 27
Continuities V: "Crime and Punishment" (237-295)
  • Katie Manring
  • Micala Charlten
Continuities VI: "Voracious London" (297-382)
  • Crystal Bandel
Oct 4
Continuities VII: "London as Theatre"(134-189)
  • Rechelle Malin
  • Ashley Wetmore
Oct 18
Continuities VIII: "Pestilence and Flame," "After the Fire" (191-236), "Black Magic, White Magic" (491-507)
  • Cameron Seifert
  • Brett Weber
Continuities IX: "A Fever of Building," "London's Rivers," "Under the Ground" (510-560)
  • Kadee Whaley
  • Dan Hornsby
Oct 25
Continuities X: "The Centre of Empire," "After the Great War" (685-720)
  • Sierra Hale
  • Adam Herbener
Nov 15
Continuities XI: "Victorian Megalopolis" (561-585), "Continuities," "East and South" (647-684)
  • Alex Evans
  • Kelsey Hixon-Bowles
Continuities XII: "London's Outcasts," "Women and Children" (587-645)
  • Brohgan Dieker
  • Samatha Styer
Nov 29
Continuities XIII: "The Natural History of London," "Night and Day" (403-453), "Cockney Visionaries" (751-760)
  • John Petterson
  • Meredith Flory
Updated August 2011