DeLillo Conference

Don DeLillo: "At the Edges of Perception"
Rutgers University, NJ, March 25 and 26, 1998


Anticipating the publication of DeLillo's Underworld (Scribner, October 3, 1997), we seek papers for a conference on DeLillo. We would like the conference "Don DeLillo: 'At the Edges of Perception'" to serve as an occasion both to look back on his career, and ahead to where his work leads us in the next century. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

Cold War and post-Cold War America, conspiracy, ethics, technology, mass media, artistic movements (Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, jazz) and images (photography, film, television), relationship between history and fiction, dystopia/utopia, modernism/postmodernism, DeLillo's place in literary canons (genre, influences).

Papers that focus on any of DeLillo's novels are encouraged.

For submission: 3 copies of a 250-500 word abstract to Jacqueline Zubeck O'Donoghue by December 15, 1997. The abstract should be accompanied by 3 copies of a cover sheet with the following items: name, academic affiliation (if applicable), title of paper (as it should appear in the program), most reliable mailing address in late January, telephone number(s), email address, a brief (100-150 word) biographical note. Critical papers published or presented prior to the conference date cannot be accepted.

Panels will be organized by Feb. 1. We ask that participants submit 10-page (single-spaced) papers for the conference by March 1. The papers will be numbered, a checklist sent to participants, who may order a set number. Copies of the papers will be mailed back by March 15.

Conference Format: In the interest of fostering informed and lively conversation, papers will be made available to participants in advance and can be exchanged on the day of the conference. Presenters will summarize their work in a ten-minute presentation; a respondent will comment; and then, in each session, the floor will be open to a general discussion.
Send submissions and inquiries to:
Jacqueline Zubeck O'Donoghue
66 Main St.
Nyack, NY 10960
Comparative Literature Dept. #: (732) 932-7606
Read the General Information page for information about registration and accommodations.
Read the Conference Program for a specific schedule of events.
Originally posted at Don DeLillo's America on 7 September 1997.
Re-posted at Phil Nel's pages on 4 March 1998.
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