Midterm Exam
English 525: Women in Literature
Suggested Time: 1 hour
Total Points: 200

For each type of question, your object is to answer it as thoroughly as possible during the time given. Write your answers in the blue book (or in a reasonable facsimile thereof). When you finish, turn in the blue book and this exam.

Choose 3.
Suggested Time: 12 Minutes.
48 points (16 each).

For each item, offer a brief definition (1-3 sentences). Include an example if needed.

Identification and Short Answer Questions
Choose 4 total: you must answer 2 of each type
Suggested Time: 48 Minutes.
152 points (38 each).

For all questions, please remember to support your answer with examples. Expect to write a complete paragraph in response to each question. (You may write more than a paragraph if you wish.) If you answer more than three in each part, only the first three will count.

Identifications: Identify (1) the author and (2) the title of the work from which the passage came. (3) Next, interpret the passage. What is its significance? That is, what do its theme(s), language, or ideas contribute to our understanding of the work as a whole?

Short Answer Questions. (Remember to support your answers with examples!)


Extra Credit. (Answer as many as you like or none at all.)