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Leading Class Discussion

Philip Nel's English 825: Comics & Graphic Novels


Guidelines for Leading Class Discussion are on the syllabus. Here are the specific days for which the pairs of discussion-leaders are responsible.

February   W 10 Jeremy Love, Bayou, Vol. 1 (2009); John Hogan, "Jeremy Love's American Style"; Qiana J. Whitted, "Of Slaves and Other Swamp Things: Black Southern History as Comic Book Horror" (Comics and the U.S. South, 2011) [L]. Leading Class Discussion: Robert J. Sanders, Todd Gabbard.
  W 24 Moore and Gibbons, Watchmen (1987), through Chapter 6; Wertham, excerpt from Seduction of the Innocent [CSR]. Leading Class Discussion: Tim Lake, Corinne Matthews.
March W 9 Richard McGuire, Here (2014). Leading Class Discussion: Liz Case, Jonathan Blake.
April W 13 Takako, Wandering Son; Fusami Ogi, “Beyond Shoujo, Bleeding Gender” [CSR]; LM, "Revealing and Concealing Identities: Cross-Dressing in Anime and Manga, Part 1" (2014) [W]; Mey, "The Complete History of Transgender Characters in American Comic Books" (2015). Leading Class Discussion: Rob Probst, Emily Miner.
  W 27 Ware, Building Stories: "I JUST WANT TO FALL ASLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN" / [Acme Novelty Library No. 18]. Leading Class Discussion: Chris Sims, Roxana Loza.



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