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Response Papers Due By...



Due no later than: Sept. 3, Sept. 17, Oct. 1, Oct. 22, Nov. 12 Due no later than: Sept. 15, Sept. 28, Oct. 15, Oct. 29, Nov. 17
D. Niki Bernett Tiffany Addams
Jonathan Blake Emily Allan
Kasey Criser Johanna Brockhoff
Courtney Flanery Meredith Clark
Allyson Koziol Chris Comer
Abby Kopp Kynsey Creel
Gloria Mills Kaitlin Downing
Becca Rowe Melanie Dunlap
Lauren Rowe Kirsten Hermreck
Maria Ruiz Haley Lively
Olivia Swalley Roxana Loza
Adena Weiser Brittany Roberts



for English 695: African American Children's Literature

  • Further Reading
    • Graff and Birkenstein, "They Say / I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (2006)
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