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The Kansas State University chapter of IEEE EMBS is an organization that focuses on getting students involved in the exciting and rapidly expanding field of biomedical engineering - a field that combines engineering with the life sciences. For more information about the field, you can visit our "What is Biomedical Engineering?" page.

We are always looking for new and eager members. We have students from multiple colleges around campus. You do not have to be in the College of Engineering to be a part of this organization. To get involved, attend a meeting, event, or contact one of our officers.

News and Upcoming Events 

- Join us for our general meetings on November 2th from 6 pm – 7 pm. The meeting will be located in room 3099B, engineering hall.

We will be doing a group picture for the yearbook at 6:30 pm! We will be handing out shirts at this meeting in order to wear them in the picture. This means you will need to bring the $12 to pay for your shirt if possible. We also ordered some extra shirts if you forgot to sign-up and would like one.

 T-shirt frontT-shirt back

 - General meeting held on October 13th!

General meeting Oct. 13th