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English Language Program

Student Comments


I like Manhattan because it's very quiet and it has a good environment for study. I like people from here because they are friendly. I like KSU because it's a good university and it has a good academic level and their academic programs are good. I like the ELP because you can receive a friendly, nice and good welcome. -- Elizabeth from Mexico


I decided to come here because my brother suggested that to me. He told me that the ELP was helpful to him when he came here to learn English as a language. -- Jesus from Venezuela


I chose to come here because I have an uncle and aunt here. My mother told me to come here. Manhattan is a clean and quiet city. Besides, my uncle graduated in Master's program from Kansas State University and he loves this university. Moreover, my sister used to study in the ELP. She told me it is a good program to learn English and prepare for the university. I think everything is good so I chose to come here. -- Anutama from Thailand


I came to Manhattan in order to study in KSU because it gave me admission. I have studied English. When I finish, I will start in a Master's program then a PhD program in my major which is Education. I hope to get two degrees from KSU because it is a good University.-- Ahmad from Saudi Arabia


I like Manhattan which has a lot of nature and is a student town. -- Tomoko from Japan


I learned about KSU my first time though the introduction of the website. I planned this trip about three months since I got a message over the Internet. The time passed fast.

Now I have got better in the studies compared to when I come here two weeks ago. I like the teachers in ELP classes. They teach me many skills to have good progress in English with kindness and patience.

The town of Manhattan is not big. The people in town are nice to talk with me when I have to ask them something or go shopping in a store. Although I will only be here for two months at KSU, I love the good place of KSU. -- Anamall from Taiwan

Get in Touch with Student Organizations


A number of different national student groups have campus organizations. These organizations work through the International Student Center. If you have specific questions about K-State, Manhattan, the climate or transportation, you might want to contact the president of your organization to get an international student's perspective. The International Student Center Web Page has a listing of the different student organizations and an e-mail address for a contact person for each organization. Check out International Student Organizations.
Students studying in the library

A student studying outside

An ELP class