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English Language Program

Why study at ELP/Kansas State University?

ELP Video

Learn more about students and teachers in the ELP and see Kansas State University.

Student Comments

Find out what past students have said about the ELP.

Student Profiles

Meet some past ELP students from around the world.


The English Language Program (ELP) and Kansas State University offer you a unique opportunity.  All ELP classes will now receive credit.

Language Proficiency for Admission

Many universities have rigid TOEFL requirements for admission. However, Kansas State University wants to make the admission process for you as easy as possible.

Mission Statement

The English Language Program's (ELP) primary purpose is to provide English instruction to students who are qualified to begin university work but do not meet English proficiency standards for the University.

An ELP student

Students outside Hale Library

A student in the library

ELP students in the coffeeshop

A student studying outside