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English Language Program


The Kansas Board of Regents has decided that any student who teaches in a university class must pass the SPEAK/TSE with a score of 50.

SPEAK vs. Test of Spoken English (TSE)  

The SPEAK is the institutional form of the TSE, Test of Spoken English. The SPEAK consists of retired forms of the TSE. This test was developed by Educational Testing Service for the purpose of evaluating the spoken English of non-native speakers. It is used mostly in universities and in the medical professions.

The SPEAK test is given at Kansas State University for use at Kansas State University.  The score will not be recorded to any other university. 

TSE scores can be reported to any university by Education Testing Services. 


NO SPEAK TEST FEES Starting July 1, 2007

The cost of the speak test is Free for:

  • the first two tests for students admitted to Kansas State University (Students need to bring their admission letter when they register for the test.)

$10 for:

  • People not admitted to Kansas State University
  • Students who have failed the test twice
  • Special individual tests scheduled outside of regular test sessions