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English Language Program

Student Appeals of Placement (Returning Students Only)

Placement and Appeals Process for students in DAS 136, 138, 140 & 150:

The ELP has a three-part process to reach final placement of students at the end of the semester:

Step 1: Pre-placement

  1. Students are initially placed on total EPT scores and Achievement Test Scores.
  2. The pre-placement list is then given to the teachers for their consideration.

Step 2: Instructor Request for Placement Changes

  1. Instructors who feel that a student has been misplaced submit a request change form along with evidence of the student’s work.
  2. The Appeals Committee reviews requests and evidence and makes changes if they are justified.
  3. Results are printed and given to students.

Step 3: Student Appeals

  1. Students may fill out an appeal form and submit it by a set deadline. 
  2. The Appeals Committee reviews the appeals and makes changes if justified.

Also, please remember three things:

  1. Communicate: Follow the process for appeals. If you don't talk to us, we don't know there is a problem.
  2. Understand: Sometimes you may feel you can work at a higher level. Your teachers want to challenge you, but they also want you to be successful. They know about all of the classes and what the requirements are for each class.
  3. Try the class. You might be surprised at what you learn! Remember: We can talk only about you. We cannot discuss your friends' placement or scores. It's against the rules of the University. We will be happy to discuss YOUR situation.

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