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English Language Program

SPEAK Test Policies

Availability: The SPEAK will continue to be given every month.

  • January and August test sessions will be reserved for newly arrived students ONLY! Students must provide an admission letter.
  • Students receiving scores of 45 may take the test again the next month (not January or August)
  • Students with scores below 45 may take the test in two months time (not January or August)
  • Students who fail the test twice must seek remediation before taking the test again.
  • Results will be available one week from the test date. We try to get them out earlier.


Students can have:

  • a one-on-one tutorial after the first test if they get a score of 45.
  • Students wanting a tutorial need to make an appointment

Students failing the test twice must seek remediation by taking DAS 154 or DAS 179.

In addition to DAS 154 or DAS 179, students:

  • may use the pronunciation programs in the lab. They must make arrangements with the ELP to do so.
  • may contact the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to get a conversation partner.

The English Language Program will explore ways in which to prepare students for the SPEAK test.   These might include (if the demand is there):

  • workshops at the beginning of the semester to help students prepare for the test
  • alternative offerings of DAS 185 – Culture and Teaching Methods for International Teaching Assistants.
  • offering two eight-week sessions of DAS 179 (2 credits instead of 3 credits), allowing students to study for eight weeks and then retake the SPEAK test.