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English Language Program

Level Placement for Returning Students

General Placement Criteria

Returning students are placed in the appropriate level based on two criteria:

1.  EPT scores from the test taken at the end of the previous semester

When considering your placement, these are the GENERAL guidelines we use to make sure you are in the right level:



Total EPT scores are used to place students in DAS 136-DAS 150.

Minimum scores must be reached in EVERY area in order to enter DAS 152 or DAS 154 or to be cleared from ALL ELP classes.


DAS 136

DAS 138 DAS 140 DAS 150

DAS 152

DAS 154

No ELP Classes Required










Structure: 46

Reading: 46

Listening: 46

Essay: 30

Structure: 50

Reading: 50

Listening: 50

Essay: 33

Structure: 57

Reading: 57

Listening: 57

Essay: 39

2.  Achievement test scores given in every class at the end of every semester. 

  • Students must score 70% or higher (which includes a "3" on the Speaking rubric) on Achievement Tests in all skill areas to move up to the next level.  Achievement Test scores can not be used to skip a level. 

Exit Level Placement Criteria Exit Level classes 

Students who have taken 152/154 are required to re-take any classes they have failed.

Participants in the GoTeacher Program will be placed into classes according to current GoTeacher Program requirements

DAS 150 Fast Track Placement Criteria

All students placed in DAS 150 who are eligible for DAS 152 in three skill areas (with only one skill area which is not ready for DAS 152) will be placed in a special section of DAS 150 called 150 Fast Track. In addition to meeting the above criteria, returning students must also be students in good standing(not on probation or reinstatement). 

To place into DAS 150 Fast Track--

Students from 150 must:

  1. have earned credit in all courses AND
  2. be eligible for DAS 152 (46, 46, 46, 30 on the EPT; or passed all achievement tests at the 150 level) in all but one skill area.

Students from 140 must:

  1. qualify for placement into DAS 150 (EPT total score 150-167 or passing all Achievement Tests) AND
  2. have earned credit in all courses AND
  3. be eligible for DAS 152 (46, 46, 46, 30 on the EPT) in all but one skill area.  Their achievement tests are at the 140 level, so they CANNOT be used to move up to 152.

At the end of the semester:

DAS 150 Fast Track students will take the EPT and achievement tests like other 150 students.

In addition, they will take the special exit-level test, which is a version of the exit-level final exam given to the exit level students.

Undergraduate students who pass any special test with 70% (a 3 on the Speaking rubric) or higher have demonstrated proficiency in that skill area, and therefore do not have to take any more ELP classes in that skill area. Graduate Students should score a grade of B or higher on a special test in any skill area (a 3.7 on Speaking is equal to a B), to remain in good standing.

In skill areas where a 150 Fast Track student does not pass the special exit level test, final placement will be made using EPT and achievement test scores according to ELP policies.

End of Semester Placement Process

The ELP has a three-part process to reach final placement of students at the end of the semester:

Step 1: Pre-placement

  1. Students are initially placed on total EPT scores and Achievement Test Scores.
  2. The pre-placement list is then given to the teachers for their consideration.

Step 2: Instructor Request for Placement Changes

  1. Instructors who feel that a student has been misplaced submit a request change form along with evidence of the student’s work. The Appeals Committee reviews requests and evidence and makes changes if they are justified.
  2. Results are printed and given to students.

Step 3: Student Appeals

  1. Students may fill out an appeal form and submit it with any additional information or evidence by a set deadline. 
  2. The Appeals Committee reviews the appeals and makes changes if justified.

*DAS 152- Advanced Full-time English and DAS 154 - Advanced Part-time English are "exit levels" - this means we expect that students at these levels will be able to leave (exit) the ELP after successfully completing either of these levels. Students will get letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) in the exit levels (DAS 152 & DAS 154).  Undergraduate students who get grades of A, B, or C pass the class and do not have to take more ELP classes in that skill.  Students who get a grade of D or F must retake the class.

*Note: Graduate students should score a grade of B or higher on a special test (a 3.7 on Speaking is equal to a B) to remain in good standing with the Graduate School.