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English Language Program

Entering University Classes

The ELP uses the following criteria when deciding if a student is ready to begin university work:

A. Admission

You must be admitted to the University as an undergraduate or a graduate student to take classes. If you haven't applied to K-State, then you cannot enroll in university classes. If you want to apply to K-State as a student, make an appointment to see an ELP Advisor. The Advisor will help you with the application procedure. For admissions policy, please click here.

B. Minimum Test Scores for Undergraduate Students


Part-Time KSU

Full-Time KSU















  1. In order to take part-time KSU classes, you must have the scores listed above on ALL parts of the EPT.
  2. If you have a passing essay score (39 or above), you will not be required to take an ELP writing class. 

C. Graduate Program Requirements

Some Graduate departments have higher standards than others; for example, Landscape Architecture requires a 600 TOEFL. If you are planning to apply to a graduate program, you need to visit the Graduate Program Advisor in the department you are planning to apply to. Ask them what the TOEFL requirement is. Ask them if they will accept the EPT in place of the TOEFL. You can find the program advisor in two ways:

  1. Go to the department and ask.
  2. Visit an ELP Advisor who can help you identify the person you need to talk to.
If you are in contact with your department and they have special conditions for you, please let us know. For example, maybe there are some undergraduate classes that you need to take before you begin your graduate work, or maybe your department has agreed to accept you with a lower TOEFL score. If you have taken the TOEFL somewhere else, please bring us in a copy and we will put a copy in your file.