Testing and Placement

In addition to teaching English classes, the ELP also provides a number of language proficiency tests for determining students' language proficiency.   Screening takes place at the beginning of each semester with the English Proficiency Test (EPT).

The English Language Program was established to enable departments to accept academically qualified students who did not yet meet the University admission standard for English proficiency.

Students who are otherwise qualified but do not have a high enough TOEFL score or do not have a TOEFL score at all can be offered provisional admission. Students who apply to the English Language Program are then sent the documents they need to get a visa from the Graduate School or the Admissions Office.

When provisionally admitted students arrive at the beginning of a semester, they take the English Proficiency Test (EPT).  Depending upon scores, students are placed in full-time intensive English classes, part-time English and academic classes, or full-time academic classes.

Language Proficiency for Admission

Many universities have rigid TOEFL requirements for admission. However, Kansas State University wants to make the admission process for you as easy as possible.

English Proficiency Test (EPT)

The English Proficiency Test (EPT) is an in-house test that the English Language Program developed in conjunction with Planning and Evaluation Services.

Level Placement for New Students

The ELP places students into levels of classes based on students' English Proficiency Test (EPT) scores.

Level Placement for Returning Students

Returning students are placed into classes based on their performance from the previous semester.

Entering University Classes

Placement into Exit Level Writing Courses

Student Appeals of Placement

If returning students believe they have been placed into the wrong level, they may appeal their placement following these procedures.

Appeal Form (The deadline for appealing your placement for the current semester has passed.)

Dismissal Appeal Form (This form is used for appealing dismissal from the ELP only.  Students who have been dismissed from Kansas State University must follow university policies to seek reinstatement.)


The Kansas Board of Regents has decided that any student who teaches in a university class must pass the SPEAK/TSE with a score of 50.

English Proficiency Test Dates

The English Proficiency Test, TOEFL and SPEAK are given every semester.