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English Language Program

Mary Wood: Director

  • Office: 205 Fairchild Hall
  • Phone: 785-532-7324
  • E-mail: mwood@ksu.edu
  • BA, MA University of Kansas

I was born and grew up in McCook, Nebraska, and still go back there for big family reunions of mom, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. Having such a big family made me realize that everyone in the world is different, but interesting. I have taught English to international students since 1979. I spend my free time working in my garden (with my dogs, Momo and Elf), reading mystery books (with Momo and Elf), and going on walks (with Momo and Elf). I also love to knit and can teach you how, if you're interested. I hope to meet you in Kansas soon!