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English Language Program

Tim Peverill

Email: timpev@ksu.edu

Tim Peverill

  • B.A. in History from Asbury University

  • M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Iowa


The first time I came to teach English at Kansas State University was in 1989 and there were only 7 other teachers. I quickly came to love Manhattan and enjoyed teaching here, but after a few years I left to live and work in the Middle East. While living in Jordan and Oman I learned what it was like to live in another culture far from home. By learning Arabic I was able to have new opportunities and experiences in the Middle East. The Arabs say that their language is "an ocean." That means it is too big to drink! English is an ocean too, and I know the challenges that come with trying to learn it one sip at a time.
In 2014, after about 20 years away, I returned to Kansas State. I am married and have two teen-age daughters, and we like to have visitors and friends drop by our home. I enjoy running and being active outdoors. I also enjoy reading, especially good stories. And if you come to study with us here, I would like to hear your story as well.