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English Language Program

Professional Presentations & Publications


Responding to Perceived Threats: Evidencing Programs' Professionalism, Rigor, and Sustainability

  • Program Administration, Higher Education and Social Responsibility Intersections
    • TESOL Presentation March 2015 - Beverley Earles and Mary Wood


ESL Tutoring Techniques You Want to Know
  • MIDTESOL Presentation October 2014 - Wing Yan Wong
Technical Communication Course for International Students: Collaboration, Design, and Teaching


Reflecting on Academic Advising in the English Language Program at Kansas State University
Computerizing a Test Using a Learning Management System
  • Instituted for Student Learning Assessment November 2013 - Christina Kitson
Creating an Individual Professional Development Plan in an IEP
  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Christina Kitson
Building Community Through Accreditation: The Story of One IEP
  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Ketty Reppert
Go Beyond Monopoly and Scrabble: Customize Your Board Games
  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Wing Wong
Creating a Dynamic Interactive Electronic Newsletter for Alumni
  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Leena Chakrabarti and Jenell Williams
Teaching International Teachers to Use Technology Using Free Web Tools
  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Christina Kitson, Max Stinnett and Jenell Williams
Initiatives to Promote Student Success at University-Based IEPs: Panel Presentation

  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Laura Phillips-Zee, Ellen Conroy and Leena Chakrabarti


Quality And Relevance In An IEP Exit Level
  • TESOL Presentation March 2012 - Beverley Earles and ELP team
Strategies for Helping International Students Succeed in Online Learning Environments
  • TESOL Presentation March 2012 - Jenell Williams and Lina Metlevskiene


COLLABORATION: Avoid Recreating Existing Campus Services
  • NAFSA Vancouver, Canada May 2011 - Leena Chakrabarti
Academic Credit for ESL: A Study in Patience
  • TESOL, March 2011 - Mary Wood


Developing an Effective, Low-cost Substitution Plan for your Intensive English Program
  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Eun Hee Kim
Internationalizing the Campus: Creating Active Links with Colleges and Departments
  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Leena Chakrabarti
Linking Existing Services with the Needs of International Students
  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Leena Chakrabarti and Laura Philips-Zee
Team Teaching: Twice as Nice for Students and Educators
  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Miranda Asebedo and Tom Jagosz
Technology Enhanced Orientation: Reaching a Large Number of Students without Losing the Human Touch
  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Max Stinnett and Ketty Reppert