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English Language Program

Intermediate English II (DAS 150) Fast Track

DAS 150 Fast Track is a special section of Intermediate English II (DAS 150) that is offered in Fall and Spring semesters for students who qualify. This section covers the curriculum at a faster pace than traditional 150 classes since the placement standard for the students in this section is higher. 

At the end of the semester, students in DAS 150 Fast Track have three major assessments of their language skills. Two of these assessments give them the chance to leave the ELP.

The Fast Track class was developed because the standards for entering Advanced English I are very strict because it is an Exit Level with grades that will affect a student’s undergraduate GPA. The ELP recognizes that some students have Advanced English I level skills in some areas but not others. DAS 150 Fast Track allows these students to be in classes with other similar students and advance at a faster pace than the traditional 150 class. The class also gives students an additional opportunity to demonstrate their English Proficiency and be released from further study in the ELP.