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English Language Program

Costs (Tuition and Fees)

Use this chart for ELP tuition and fees to plan your budget for each semester. 

Based on rates for 2018 - 2019 in US Dollars.


All costs are subject to change.

15-Week Semester Costs

Fall (Aug-Dec) or

Spring (Jan-May)

8-Week Semester Costs


(June - July)


Student's first semester will include 19 credit hours, which includes a one credit hour orientation. (ELP Tuition is $652.10 a credit hour)



Student Fees:

Includes use of Lafene Student Health Center, Recreational Services and campus activity fees. Please see the university's catalog for all services provided. 



Estimated Living Expenses:*

K-State Housing and Dining Services.



Estimated Miscellaneous Educational Costs:

Includes books and supplies.



College of Arts and Sciences Fee, Special ELP Fee (online testing, etc.), ID Card and ISSS Fee




Please note that if you do want to use a credit card, you will be charged a service charge of 2.9% of your payment amount.



*Includes Health Insurance: Students can see doctors for free and get routine medical tests and medicines at reasonable prices at Lafene Health Center.  However, for serious medical problems students will need to go to a hospital.  These services are not covered by the campus fee and can be very expensive.  For this reason health insurance is a requirement for international students.

Possible Additional Costs

Sponsored Students Fee

This fee applies only to students being sponsored by a government agency or other organization.

$220 per semester

TB Test

Most International students are required to take a TB Test upon arrival

Contact Lafene Health Center for information on costs of this test.

Late Enrollment Fee

Fee for all students who do not enroll before the first day of class.


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