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English Language Program

Placement Appeals

Beginning of Semester

If a student self identifies as being misplaced, the student is asked to attend class and show rather than tell his/her teacher through performance in class. If they truly are misplaced, the teacher will follow the procedures to identify misplaced students. 

In unusual circumstances, students who provide additional evidence of language proficiency (TOEFL, transfer scores) or were tested under less than ideal conditions (unexpected noise, health conditions, etc.) may be retested or may have their placement reevaluated based on the evidence provided.


Students can receive their end-of-semester test results/placement sheets at an assembly-style results session, by mail, by picking them up in person in the ELP office, or by filling out a form to designate someone else to pick them up in person.  Appeal forms are posted on the ELP webpage.

For students to Appeal their placement for the next semester, they can print out the form online and turn it in to the ELP office or submit an electronic copy to elp@ksu.edu.

Students are informed about the appeal process in the following ways:

  • In person at the beginning of each results session.
  • By emailing the ELP address. If students email the ELP, we can inform them of the procedure for appeals through email.
  • By emailing the advisors. Advisors can email students the appeal information.
  • If students email teachers, the teachers pass the information on to the advising team, and they inform the students.