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English Language Program

Transportation in Manhattan

Unfortunately Manhattan does not have a public bus system. Some years ago the city tried to provide bus service for a while, but almost no one rode the buses. Most people have cars, and distances are so short that it is possible to get around by bicycle.

If you ride a bicycle

Every year people on bicycles are injured in accidents. It is important to remember the following rules:

  1. Always wear a helmet. It is not required by law, but it can save your life in an accident.

  2. Remember that you must obey all traffic regulations as though you were driving a car.

Remember to:

      • ride with the traffic, keeping as far to the right side as possible

      • when riding after dark you must have a headlight and taillight reflector. It is also smart to wear white clothing.

      • yield (give way) to people who are walking

      • stop at all stop signs and stop lights

      • signal before changing lanes or turning (see a Kansas driver's manual to learn the hand signals)

      • riding a bike on sidewalks is not permitted. Use the streets and bike paths, and walk your bike on sidewalks

  1. Don't ride your bike in bad weather. In the winter there may be snow and ice. It is also dangerous to ride in the rain, especially at the beginning of a storm before oil and dirt on the street get washed away.

  2. Parking lots can be especially dangerous because drivers may not see you in time.

  3. You should ride defensively. This means that you must be watchful and be prepared to save yourself from an accident. Watch out for cars that might drive out in front of you, people who might walk into your path, and car doors that might open suddenly in front of you.

  4. To prevent people from stealing your bicycle, you should keep it locked at all times with a strong cable and lock. You can register your bicycle with the KSU Police at no charge. This may help them find your bicycle and return it to you if it is stolen. If your bicycle is stolen, you should report the theft to the KSU Police at once.

  5. To protect your bicycle from thieves:

    • register it with the Campus Police

    • use a strong U-bolt lock

    • try to park it in a well-lighted place

Taking a taxi

If you want to take a taxi, call A-One Cab Co. at 537-1295 or Bell Taxi Service at 537-2080.  The charge for A-One Cab Co. is a basic fee of $2.00 plus $0.20 every quarter mile.  The charge for Bell Taxi Service is a basic fee of $2.00 plus $1.40 per mile.  If you share the ride with some friends, it can be inexpensive for each of you.  If you don’t need transportation very often, it would be cheaper to take a cab than to pay for a car plus gas, repairs, and insurance.

Kansas Driver's License and Kansas I.D.

Before you can apply for your Kansas ID (identification card), Kansas driver’s license or extending your Kansas driver’s license, you must first have your status checked by SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements).

Please go to the ISSS web site and follow the instructions.

After you have received the SAVE documentation, follow the next step’s instructions for going to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).
For you initial driver’s license, your exam is divided into three parts.
                  1. Vision Exam
                  2. Written Exam
                  3. Driving Exam

The costs do sometimes change but as of August of 2011, the cost for your initial license is $31 for all testing if person is under 21 years of age and $29 for all testing if person is over 21 years of age (cash or check only)

Obtaining a social security number

If you want to work:

You will need a social security number. It is required by law to have one. To get a social security number, go to the International Student Center on campus. If and how you get a social security number depends on your visa type. Do not go to the social security office in Manhattan first. Go to the International Student Center, and they will direct you on how to obtain one.

If you do not plan on working:

You do not need a social security number. Your student I.D. number (on your admission letter) is good for anything, sometimes even getting a checking account! Do not get a social security number if you do not plan on working.