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**Important: Even if you have an international driver's license, it may not be valid! If you have a student visa, you must get a Kansas driver's license immediately. Do NOT drive until you get a Kansas driver's license. If you have a tourist visa, your international driver's license is good. You do not need a Kansas driver's license.**

  1. You can buy a car from a Car Dealership (Shop). You can also look in the Manhattan Mercury newspaper. People (private owners) advertise there. If you buy from a car dealership, you don't need a contract. If you buy from a private owner, you do need a contract. Go to Legal Services (on the ground floor in the Union ) for a sales contract.
  2. If you decide to buy, do NOT pay until the seller gives you the title of the car in the presence of a notary (legal person).
  3. Before driving, you must insure the vehicle . Find an automobile insurance company first and ask what the insurance will be BEFORE making the purchase. The ELP can make suggestions for insurance companies.
  4. Once you have proof of insurance and the title, you can register at the county treasurer's office (110 Courthouse Plaza) within 30 days in the county in which you live and apply for a title in your name.

    * Manhattan is in Riley County . Junction City and parts of Fort Riley are in Geary County . Registering in the wrong county can result in a large fine and up to 6 months in jail.
  5. You must keep your vehicle insured at all times. Driving without insurance could cause you to lose your license and is also punishable by a large fine and up to 6 months in jail.

    *Note: You could be deported for one crime for which you are sentenced to a year in jail or for two less serious crimes.
  6. You must have a Kansas Driver's License. Be sure the address on your driver's license is correct!!
  1. Once again you should visit Legal Services. You will need another sales contract and a bill of sale. Also, if you are leaving the country before the sale is complete, you will need a power of attorney.

  2. Make sure to collect all of the money and remove the license plate before giving the title to the buyer. Otherwise, the vehicle will appear to belong to you, and in the even of an accident, you would have the problems mentioned earlier.


If you are stopped by the police, remain in your car and keep your hands on the steering wheel. You must do exactly as the officer says. If you don't understand what he/she tells you, tell them politely that you haven't understood, and ask them to repeat. It is very important that you do NOT argue. It is also very important that you do not bargain.