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English Language Program

University Services

As a full-time student at Kansas State University, you have the right to use all the campus services and facilities. Here are some of them.

International Student and Scholar Services (#70 on KSU map) 532-6448

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm

LAFENE MEDICAL CENTER (#99 on KSU map) 532-6544

THE COUNSELING CENTER (located in English/Counseling Services (across from Hale Library) 532-6927

STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND SERVICES (on the lower level of the Student Union) 532-654

HALE LIBRARY (#36 on KSU map) 532-6516

RECREATIONAL COMPLEX (#79 on KSU map) 532-6980



If you have any questions about these and other services, or if you would like us to call and make an appointment for you, please come to the English Language Program Office. We will be happy to help you.