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English Language Program

iSIS Information for ELP Students

These links take you to iSIS help modules. They will help you do many helpful things in iSIS.


Updated your address in iSIS - it is important to keep your local (Manhattan) address updated.

View Holds - if you have holds on your account you will not be allowed to enroll for the next semester.

Checking your Billing Statement Online - see what you owe and when your bill is due.

Understanding Statement of Account - How to read your bill.

Purchase Parking Permits and Bicycle Registration - if you use a bike on campus you must register it with parking services.

View Grades - Use iSIS to see your grades after the semester is over.

Complete Advising Survey - you must complete the advising survey every semester before you can enroll.

View/Print Class Schedule - see when and where your classes will meet.