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English Language Program

University Closings

Occasionally, the weather in Manhattan will be so severe that the University, including the English Language Program, will close. Usually, the University will close because we received a lot of snow or ice. When the University closes, you will need to find out yourself. One of your teachers will NOT call or e-mail you. You can find out by three ways: listening to the radio, watching television and going to the K-State website. Radio is the best and quickest way to finding out if the University is closed.

Radio Stations to listen to:

KMAN 1350 AM
KMKF 101.5 FM
KJCK 1420 AM
KSAJ 98.5 FM
KQLA 103.5 FM
KABI 1560 AM
KJCK 97.5 FM
WIBW 97.3 FM
KSAL 1150 AM
KZBZ 104.9 FM
KBLS 102.5 FM

Television stations to watch:

Cox Cable Channel 21 (Manhattan)
Local news: Morning shows (Topeka - usually channels 4, 5, 6, 7)