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English Language Program

Level Placement for New Students

General Guidelines for Placement of New Students

When considering your placement, these are the GENERAL guidelines we use to make sure you are in the right level:


Total EPT scores are used to place students in DAS 136-DAS 150.

Minimum scores must be reached in EVERY area in order to enter DAS 152 or DAS 154 or to be cleared from ALL ELP classes.


DAS 136

DAS 138 DAS 140 DAS 150

DAS 152

DAS 154

No ELP Classes Required










Structure: 46

Reading: 46

Listening: 46

Essay: 30

Structure: 50

Reading: 50

Listening: 50

Essay: 33

Structure: 57

Reading: 57

Listening: 57

Essay: 39

When you first come to Kansas State University you will be placed in a level of the ELP based on your English Proficiency Test (EPT) score. We have used this standardized test for many years. We know that it is a good measure of English.

During the first week of each semester your teachers will be watching you in each class to be sure that you are in the right level. If you think that you should be in another level, it is very important for you to come to class every day, come on time, and do all your homework very carefully. Because the placement test is such a good measure of students' English, it is rare to move a student. However, sometimes we move a student if we see that the student will be able to do the work in the next level.

*New students who meet the following criteria will be placed into DAS 150 Fast Track:

  1. The student qualifies for DAS 150 (EPT total score 150-167).
  2. The student is eligible to enter 152 in three skill areas based on the EPT (46, 46, 46, and 30).
  3. The student has only one skill area below the 152 level, based on the EPT.

Other Information on Placement

Sometimes students want to be in a higher level because they think they will finish English sooner. This idea is usually incorrect. We don't expect students to take every level. Good students often jump over a level if they make good progress.

Students will not make good progress if they are put in a level that is too high for them. They will not be able to understand the teacher well enough. They will feel unsuccessful because the homework and tests will be too difficult. In addition, it is not fair to the other students to put a lower level student in their class. They do not want to wait while the teacher gives extra help to the student who cannot understand the work.

Sometimes students transfer from other English programs in the U.S. We cannot judge your English using test scores from another program. We can judge only your performance on the EPT. If you have studied English for a long time, your ability should show on our test. You may be put in a level that uses a textbook that you have used before. If you really know and can use the material in that book, you should do well enough on the EPT to place in a higher level. A low EPT score tells us that you may have seen the material in the book but that you do not yet know it.

Participants in the GoTeacher Program will be placed into classes according to current GoTeacher Program requirements