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English Language Program

Introduction to the ELP

Dear ELP Student:

Welcome to the English Language Program and welcome to Kansas State University . We hope that your stay here will be fun and exciting, full of new experiences and new friends.

We have prepared this handbook to acquaint you with the English Language Program and its policies. We are also including information about the services available to you at Kansas State and some information about American culture. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of us in the English Language Program.

Please read this handbook carefully and keep it with you throughout the semester. You are responsible for knowing the policies that are described here.

You have our best wishes for a challenging and rewarding semester.

The English Language Program Staff


Mary Wood

 Associate Director

Beverley Earles

 Assistant Director

Leena Chakrabarti


Lab Coordinator

Jenell Williams

Senior Administrative Assistant

T.J. Ackerman

Program Assistant

Audra Hieger

Graduate Teaching Assistants


Lab Grad Assistant

Lina Metlevskiene