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English Language Program

Support Courses

DAS 032: Training for Organization, Wellness, Academics, Responsibility and Discipline (TOWARD) - TOWARD is designed to engage ELP students who have repeated non-performance (in terms of participation and attendance) in their ELP classes.   TOWARD includes an exploration of good study skills, healthy living habits, community involvement, and guided study sessions.     This 2-credit class is required for continued enrollment for students with repeated non-performance (in terms of participation and attendance) over consecutive semesters.

DAS 158: Orientation to the American Higher Education System - This orientation course is designed to support English Language Program students as they make the transition to the English Language Program (ELP), Kansas State University, and the Manhattan community.  An introduction to the campus resources is also provided to students in this class. This is a 1-credit class.

DAS 159 : Digital English for International Students - This course provides instruction in online language and communication for international students in order to develop strategies and skills for working effectively in academic digital interaction and collaboration.  The course includes study of function and use of different web 2.0 tools, communication skills for intercultural collaboration, and the English language styles and rhetoric appropriate in specific online settings. This is a 2-credit class.