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English Language Program

Spouse Class - Not being offered this semester.

A non-credit course for non-degree seeking students who wish to improve their English

There are several places on campus and in the community which offer English classes for spouses.

The English Language Program at Kansas State University offers an integrated skills class for spouses who do not need to be enrolled in full-time English. The course covers TOEFL Mastery practice in the ELP language lab as well as speaking, reading, vocabulary development, grammar, and writing. It will meet for 50 minutes three days every week  Students will be able to take the Institutional TOEFL at the end of the semester at an additional cost of $35.

Students are encouraged to take the English Proficiency Test for placement at the beginning and end of the semester, but are not required to do so. Students will be required to pay half of the tuition upon registration.

Minimum enrollment: 8

**If minimum enrollment cannot be met, then the class will not be offered. Please check with the ELP if you are interested in the Spouse Class.**

Please email us at elp@ksu.edu for more information.