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English Language Program

Intensive English

These classes are for students who wish to study English for their own goals or who wish to prepare themselves for academic work in the University. In addition, the ELP sponsors a number of fieldtrips and social activities so that students can learn about American culture.


Students who come to study on an F-1 or a J-1 Visa must be enrolled in a full course load. For students in the English Language Program, this means they must enroll in 18 hours. These are the classes that students take in the intensive program:

  • Reading (6 hrs.)
  • Listening (3 hrs.)
  • Speaking (3 hrs.)
  • Written Communication (6 hrs.)


Students are placed in the appropriate level of classes depending on their scores on the English Proficiency Test. The following are levels offered at the ELP:

Placement and Recommendations

Students take the English Proficiency Test (EPT) at the beginning of the semester for placement and again at the end of the semester to show progress. The ELP makes recommendations to the University as to a student's readiness for academic work based on the following criteria: