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English Language Program

University English Classes

In an effort to provide international students with quality English instruction, the following support courses have been developed. The purpose of the courses is to support graduate students having 1 or 2 part scores on the TOEFL below 20. Classes are taken during the student's first semester of enrollment in the university.  These courses will be offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters

  • To remain in good standing with the Graduate School, all graduate students should maintain a grade of B or higher in all courses. This does not apply to DAS 179 which is for credit/no credit.

DAS 176 - Reading Skills

Instruction in academic reading skills. Includes practice in increasing reading speed, developing an academic vocabulary, and improving critical reading and test taking skills.

DAS 177- Written Communication

Instruction in academic writing skills in order to improve the writing of reports, analyses, and summaries. Includes grammar review, the study of style, and development of an academic vocabulary.

DAS 178 - Oral Communication

Instruction to improve listening comprehension and note-taking skills. Instruction in conversational speaking, with an emphasis on developing oral fluency and the effective use of vocabulary and idioms. Includes pronunciation practice, group work and short academic presentation.

DAS179 - Speaking and Pronunciation

Instruction in speaking for non-native speakers of English to improve comprehension of non-simplified conversational English. Practice of communication skills in a variety of situations as well as the pronunciation of troublesome English sounds and intonation patterns.

  • Students wanting to improve listening skills need to enroll in DAS 178.
  • People wanting to improve pronunciation and speaking skills should enroll in DAS 179.
  • Taking DAS 179 does not replace the required SPEAK score of 50 in order to teach, as that is a requirement set by the Board of Regents.
  • Tuition is set at regular university rates. Students who qualify for resident rates or tuition waivers would pay at the same rates as for other classes.
  • Permission can be given for this class over KATS. E-mail us at elp@ksu.edu and be sure to give your ID number.


DAS 185 – Teaching and Cultural Orientation for Teaching Assistants

Introduction to the American classroom, university policies, the American undergraduate, and cultural differences.  Discussion of  teaching techniques and viewing of videotapes of good and bad examples of teaching.  Students give their own teaching presentations and have a private tutorial session on their videotaped performance, focusing on teaching techniques, pronunciation, vocabulary, and body language