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English Language Program

Important Information about the ELP Exit Levels

DAS 152 and DAS 154 are ELP Exit Levels.  This means that after successfully completing the required 152 or 154 courses, a student has demonstrated English Proficiency and will move into full-time study in the degree program to which s/he has been admitted. NOTE: The minimum passing grade for Undergraduates is C. The minimum passing grade for Graduates is B.

Here are some important things to remember about the Exit Level classes:

  • Students earn letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) in all ELP Exit Level classes (DAS 152 and DAS 154).  These grades are part of a student’s permanent university record and will affect undergraduate GPA (Grade Point Average)

  • Attendance, participation, and homework are an important part of the grade in all ELP Exit level classes.

  • Undergraduate students who do not pass (grade of A, B, or C) an ELP exit level class, must enroll in and retake the failed class(es).  Pre-enrollment in other courses does not release students from the need to demonstrate English proficiency.
  • To remain in good standing with the Graduate School, all graduate students should maintain a grade of B or higher in all courses.
  • Students who need to repeat an Exit Level class and do not enroll in it by the end of the first full week of classes the next semester they study at K-State, will have the necessary Exit Level ELP class(es) added to their schedules and be dropped from other classes that conflict with the ELP classes or put them over the part-time ELP credit hour limit.
  • Students who fail and re-take DAS 154 or DAS 152 + University class(es) will have their total enrollment hours limited to 12 hours to help ensure their success in both their English and academic classes.

  • Once students have passed a higher level language class, they will not be allowed to retake a lower level class.

    • For example, after students pass English 100 or higher, they cannot retake 152 or 154 Reading or Writing classes.
    • Or, after students pass Comm 105/106 or higher, they cannot retake 152 or 154 Speaking or Listening classes.
    • These restrictions apply to all students exiting the ELP in December 2010 or later. 
    • Additionally, no work that a student has done for a class in a previous semester will apply to a class that is being retaken.
  • Students with a low GPA may be dismissed from the university or from professional academic programs (such as Business or Engineering).

  • Students placed into DAS 154 or DAS 152 + University class(es) will have their total enrollment hours limited to help ensure their success in both their English and academic classes during their transition into full-time study outside of the ELP.


    Undergraduate Enrollment Limits

ELP Credit Hours (excluding DAS 158)Non-ELP Credit Hours AllowedTotal Credit Hours Must be at LeastTotal Credit Hours May Not Exceed

For graduate students, the number of credit hours will be determined in consultation with their advisors and departments taking the following into consideration:

  • The number of ELP credit hours required
  • Recommended graduate courses
  • Graduate school requirements
  • Teaching/Research Assistantships
  • Other department or program requirements
  • Students who take the TOEFL or IELTS while enrolled in ELP Exit Level classes must still complete the courses they are enrolled in.  Earning passing scores on the TOEFL or IELTS will not change their enrollment for the current semester or their grades in ELP classes.  The grades earned in the Exit Level classes will still be a permanent part of the students’ K-State record and undergraduate GPA.

  • If you have questions while studying in the ELP Exit Levels, please contact Brandy Caulfield (bjcaul@k-state.edu) or Leena Chakrabarti (leena@k-state.edu).